Before my son Jake was born, I used to do a good deal of recreational coding/development. I haven’t had much time to devote to it over the past few years, but now that Jake’s older and is in school, I’m hoping to get back in the swing.

I’ve got some basic skills in a number of languages, but I’m most fluent in the VB family (lots of Windows development at various employers over the years). Unfortunately, I’m also a diehard Apple afficianado, and would much prefer to do my tinkering on my Mac. Enter Real Studio (soon to be rechristened Xojo).

Real Studio uses RealBASIC, which will (hopefully!) allow me to leverage my familiarity with VB. It’s also a cross-platform tool, which can compile to OS X, Windows, or Linux (in addition to Web-based apps).

Quite looking forward to using it. First project will be to pick up the SIP2 self-check I started working on a few years ago. Will post my progress and experiences with Real Studio as I progress!

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